The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 11

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We've launched a new blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies, where each day we’ve been highlighting a different product that we know can spruce up your tattoo shop. It's day 11 and we're talking about ink sets!

The World Famous Primary ink set #1 is basically guaranteed to be your #1 go-to set. Warm colors and cool colors, it has it all, this set includes Paul Rogers Red, Everest Orange, Great Wall Yellow, Northern Lights, Napa Valley, Rolls Royce, Galaxy Purple, Nile River Blue, Pitch Black, Vegas Green, Hoover Dam & White House.

The World Famous 7 color Simple set is simply irresistible. The high pigment content makes your art really pop and maintains an amazing flow rate. This set includes: Samuel O'Reilly, Moroccan, Everglades Green, Donatello Blue, Great Wall Yellow, White House and Rushmore Magenta

The key to bringing your tattoos to life is with impeccable shading and this set makes shading simple. The World Famous Five-Stage shading set includes Light Greywash, Midtone Greywash, Ghost Greywash, Charcoal Grey, Dark Grey Wash, and Special Shading Solution.

Pastel colors can be light and soft but also vibrant and strong. The Pastel Ink Set has quickly become an artist favorite for its relaxing cool tones and also bold warm colors. This set Includes: Barrier Reef Blue, Dead Sea, Panama Purple, Fuji Mt. Mixing White, United Ink Red, Bali Pink, Sinatra Blue, Acropolis Orange, Yellowstone, Canary Yellow, Bombay and Rushmore Magenta

Poch is a well-respected artist who is known for creating amazing colorful tattoos and also detailed, intricate black and grey pieces. Poch has dedicated his life to the art of tattooing and his passion is reflected in his set, Monochromatic. This set includes 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B.

Sarah Miller’s graphic design experience shows in her detailed portrait tattoos. Her pieces are enhanced with exceptional colors and she’s sharing these amazing inks with you in her set, the Sarah Miller’s Valhalla Portrait Set. This set includes Aesir Flesh #1, Aesir Flesh #2, Aesir Flesh #3, Asgard Gold, Fenrir Gray #1, Fenrir Gray #2, Fenrir Gray #3, Freya Purple, Heimdall Brown, Jotunn Blue, Loki Green, Midgard Green, Mjolnir Gold, Ragnarok Red, Valkyrie Flesh Tone, and Yggdrasil.

Jason Ackerman is an extraordinary tattoo artist and painter, he’s also the shop manager at SOHO Ink in New York and now adds to the list set maker. The Serial Killer Set is scary good, filled with lively inks named after infamous serial killers. This set includes Aileen Wuornos Blush, Albert Fish Orange Blossom, Btk Marigold Twine, Chikatilo Frost, Ed Gein Deer Skin, Green River Grey, H.H. Holmes Arsenic Green, Jack The Ripper Red, John Wayne Gacy Decaying Skin, Son of Sam Blonde, Ted Bundy Golden Bug and Zodiac Sapphire.

Pony Lawson is kind of a big deal, filling our Instagram feed up with amazing micro-portrait tattoos with unbelievable details. Being an expert in the smallest details, Pony created Vintage Reserve, with hand-selected colors to enhance any and all tattoos. The rustic feel of these colors makes it an artist's favorite. This set includes Antique Gold, Cigar, Denim, Dried Mud, Olive Drab, Bourbon, Canvas, Espresso, Patina, Sepia, Tan Hide, Tinting White

The Pink Ribbon Series features soft, natural-looking colors to provide clients with subtle, stunning results. This set Includes Portrait White, Tan Honey, Fair Honey, Fair Peach, Dark Honey, Warm Mink, Tan Mink, Warm Peach, Cool Peach, Bright Peach, Warm Honey, Dark Tan, Cool Honey, Cool Mink, Tan Peach, and Dark Mink.
When we created The Great Wall Set we wanted to honor the symbolism of the great wall and represent the same elements. This set is enriched with variety and brilliantly enhanced with blue undertones to give tattoos more depth. This set includes Sand Gold, Soil Red, Earth Brown, Step Gray, Wall Gray, and Qin Black.
The Marble Tone Stone Set features earthy colors that can be used again and again to strengthen any design. These are classic colors ideal for contributing to any style of tattoo. This set includes Grey Dolomite, Marble White, Calcite Grey, Serpentine Grey, Limestone Grey, and Marble Black.

This blog series is almost a wrap! Which set are you hoping to try in 2021? Comment below. Stop back by tomorrow to see what our final product feature will be! 

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