We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We’re nearing the end of this blog series and there’s one brand we’ve been excited to highlight since day one, Perma Blend! Perma Blend has quickly become a leader in the permanent cosmetic industry. They feature over 100 pigments making it easier than ever to find exactly what you need for your clients. Their pigments have a high-density load that ensures expert results without color change and will last longer than most other brands. If we could feature every pigment, we would but for today we’re highlighting ten stunning pigments that have been on everyone’s nice list this year. 

Ocean Blue is a pigment used for eyeliner featured in the Starline Collection by Kristina Melnicenco, it’s a deep blue shade, perfect for complementing brown, blue, or green eyes. Available in 1/2oz bottles only. Kristina is a world-renowned permanent makeup artist with an eye for detail, check out more must-have pigments in the Starline Set, enhanced with variety there are classic eyeliner shades and also some fun, lively colors. 

Why love purple? Simple: purple combines the calmness of blue with the fierce energy of red. Plum is a cool dark purple pigment that can be used for eyeliner or to darken a brow color. 

Blackish Brown is a rich, brilliant black/brown cool pigment. You can use Blackish Brown for eyebrows and for eyeliner. 

Energize your look with Espresso, a cool medium to dark brown pigment. It can be used for eyebrows. (Please note: will appear reddish when first done).

It’s time to go into the woods with our next pigment, Forest Brown, a cool, neutral medium brown pigment perfect for eyebrows.

Tina Davies is a trailblazer in the permanent makeup industry with a passion for education and innovation. Sunrise is a warm Orange created by Tina Davies is a lovely base pigment that can be used to warm up colors.

One of our most popular pigments is  Ebony by Tina Davies. This PMU Pigment set has been exclusively developed by Tina Davies to keep color selection simple and straightforward while giving your clients dynamic results. 

Rather you’re going out or staying in Date Night is a radiant red lip pigment that creates a timeless look. Featured in the Sultry lip set. 

Nutmeg is a featured pigment in the Sweet Lip Set. It creates a warm brown/orange color used for lips. This color is the perfect balance between sophisticated and fun. 

Blushed is a warm pink pigment that creates a naturally beautiful look. It can be used for lips.

What's your studio's MVP? (Most values pigment) Comment below! Come back tomorrow to see what we're unwrapping for day 11.