The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 8

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). This will be a December to remember! We're launching a new blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies where each day we’ll be highlighting a different product that we know can spruce up your tattoo shop. It's day 8 and we're talking about needles!
Kwadron Cartridge - Super Tight Liners, Long Taper, uses the highest quality materials available. The outer housing is produced with medical-grade plastic, which greatly reduces the friction between the needle grouping and the tip. Each surgical stainless steel needle configuration is consistently produced using razor-sharp, flexible needles, grouped together with the highest precision.

Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Liners  stand out from the rest with Cheyenne’s patented Safety Membrane. Craft Cartridges meet the highest standards of hygiene, protecting you and your customers. The secret behind the Craft Cartridges lies in their shape: The casing is cast in one piece and doesn’t have a removable tip. Additionally, they've selected the 19 most important and popular needle configurations for the Craft Cartridges. The clever Cheyenne Cartridge System enables easy and safe cartridge exchanges, even while you’re working.

With the Cheyenne Safety Cartridge Super tight Liners safety is this product's middle name (literally). The refined design of their Safety Cartridge prevents the ink from running from the needle tip onto the grip or further into the machine. The ink goes beneath the skin and nowhere else. They've had this one-of-a-kind membrane patented, making their Safety Cartridges a testament to innovation, hygiene, and safety. Their sterilization process and hands-on quality inspections by experienced experts guarantee a long shelf life of up to five years. You can switch between your favorite configurations without worrying about the hygienic aspects. 
The Revol Cartridge Needle - 13 Curved Magnum Long Taper have received high praised from some of today's top leading artists. These needles were meticulously field-tested and the feedback we received helped us develop a top-quality needle with consistent groupings. They're made to ensure safety and provide lasting results.
When crafting the Revol Pre-Made Needles - 7 Magnum Shaders, each grouping is built by hand using 316L surgical stainless pins that provide the sharpest durable needle points, lasting skin penetration, and provide maximum ink retention. All Revol pre-made needles are manufactured using lead-free silver bearing solder and a 304 stainless steel needle bar to ensure the bars never rust. They also go through a final cleaning process to remove any traces of dust and maintain the best quality look and performance.
The Ultra Supreme Traditional 7 Magnum Shaders are pre-made needles have been an industry standard for over 20 years, manufactured by hand using high-quality 316L surgical stainless-steel textured pins. These textured pins are precision ground using our special proprietary process that allows them to retain ink and sharpness throughout the tattoo. All groupings are produced using lead-free silver bearing solder to protect you and your client’s safety. 

Optimum, utmost, Ultra: the name evokes a sense of strength because these were created to fit your needs while exceeding your expectations. The Ultra Supreme Traditional 8 Round Shader is produced using lead-free silver bearing solder to protect you and your client’s safety. Every lot of Ultra Supreme Traditional pre-made needles goes through a strict, detailed, quality control process to ensure you receive the highest-grade needle for each tattoo.

The Quartz Tattoo Needle Cartridge, #10 Hollow Liners Long Taper is designed to provide fluid tattooing sessions and remarkable performance. It features an inner membrane to create ideal tension and prevent the backflow of pigment during tattoo sessions. It also features a one-of-a-kind stabilizer that prevents the needle from wobbling, allowing for precise line work.
Now that today’s blog is wrapped up, what’s on your wish list this year? Comment below! Stop back by tomorrow and find out what we have in store for day nine. 

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