The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 7

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We’re sprucing up December with a new blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies. Each day we’ll be shining the spotlight on a different product that's a perfect addition to your wish list. It's day 7 and we've got the power...power supplies, that is. 

Compatible with Coil and Rotary machines, the Critical Atom X Power Supply Features features multiple convenient and reliable elements for success. Its built-in Neodymium magnets provide a strong hold, it has 6 amp peak inrush current, 3 amp true RMS continuous current, and precision regulated set point voltage of 0-17vdc. To top it off, it holds presets even when power is removed.

The Peak Vega tattoo power supply can be operated pedal-free or by footswitch. You can toggle between continuous and momentary modes, and utilize the jumpstart function that allows you to easily start tattooing with one of your voltage presets. It also includes several desirable configurations for added convenience. You can set voltage presets, hourly rates, and currency; the Vega also features a full TFT color display touch screen with an option to choose display color. Makes tattooing more efficient, safe, and stable with this high-quality power supply. 
Tattoo artists are in the business of multitasking, Peak Lazur Tattoo Power Supply allows artists to operate up to two machines at the same time with a convenient display screen. The screen shows output voltage, amps, and speed (Hz). The Lazur display also indicates the corresponding aluminum power knobs (L for left and S for right); a short press of either power knob allows you to switch between machine outputs while tattooing. With robust features, including a long-press of either power knob enables a strong start function for a powerful boost. This power supply is set to the momentary mode by default but offers two-foot pedal modes: continuous and momentary. You can enjoy a secure setup with the Lazur's magnetic bottom.
ITATTOO TOUCH POWER SUPPLY This power supply is made of an aluminum base, LED high sensitivity touchpad. It features a helpful preset voltage memory, continuous mode, timer function and includes a table clamp holder! Please note: this power supply does require a foot pedal for the Continuous mode.
Cheyenne Power Units are crafted to cater to your needs: One machine can be operated with Power Unit I, while Power Unit II lets you connect two machines and switch back and forth between them as you work. You can purchase various adapters for your Cheyenne PU, which not only allow you to connect your HAWK Spirit, HAWK Thunder, and HAWK PEN but also other tattoo machines. A convenient feature: When tattooing with our machines, the display shows the output voltage reference value for the frequency.

The future of power supplies starts now! The Hover Power Supply by FK Irons offers hands-free operation giving the artist more control and freedom. Its genius design incorporates an air gesture at the same time avoiding cross-contamination. The Hover comes with 2 RCA ports for multiple machines or foot pedal combinations, plus it's Bluetooth enabled. You can connect to multiple wireless devices and upgrade the firmware from a mobile app. Bonus: it additionally includes USB-A and USB-C ports to recharge your battery packs, wireless machine, and or mobile devices.
Vlad Blad - Mini Power Supply - A little goes a long way and this is proof of that! The Vlad Blad Mini Power Supply is 100% analog and the perfect addition to coil and rotary machines. It’s compatible with Coil and Rotary machines. Designed with the traveling artist in mind, this weighs in at 160 grams (5.6 ounces) with a power coated body.

That's a wrap for day 7! December is a time for giving, so don't forget to give your tattoo shop the top-notch supplies it deserves. Come back tomorrow to see which product we're featuring for day 8! 

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