Fantasizing about a permanent makeup machine that is lightweight, maneuverable, versatile, and perfectly tailored to your specialties? Maybe you’re happy with your permanent makeup machine and looking to try something new. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s our round-up of the 9 best permanent makeup machines, suitable for all kinds of cosmetic artists. Let’s see which one is best for you. 


Perma Pen by Microbeau

The Perma Pen by Microbeau

No matter what stage of your PMU career you're in, you can count on growing your skills with the Perma Pen. The Perma Pen is Perma Blend's first-ever PMU machine. Plus, it's powered by Microbeau, manufacturer of many other PMU machines in this blog.

More than anything, the Perma Pen is optimized and designed so you can focus on your artistry above anything else. This machine is ultra-lightweight and compact, which reduces hand/wrist fatigue and lets you concentrate on your work. Moreover, it's entirely maintenance-free (which means it doesn't require lubrication) while also being durable.

But the Perma Pen is also designed for any PMU technique, so no matter what your specialty is, the Perma Pen can handle it. It has a versatile 2.7mm stroke and works beautifully with Perma Blend pigments.

Additionally, you can use the Perma Pen with the AirBolt Mini for an even more efficient PMU experience. The AirBolt gives you full voice control adjustments and eGive.

This high-quality, maintenance-free PMU machine comes in two colors: Silver Supreme or Pink Icon.

Xion S 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 
A super-versatile permanent makeup machine, the Xion S is recommended for experienced permanent makeup artists. This is largely due to its adjustable stroke length, which is versatile enough for artists who are experienced in multiple styles.

Each Xion S machine comes with 2 interchangeable stroke wheels: 1.8mm for shading and 2.5mm for all-around permanent makeup — you’ll have to manually switch the cams according to your preference. While that takes a little dexterity and know-how, it also means you have more flexibility for a variety of permanent makeup procedures. Another flexible feature of this machine is its one-turn dial, which allows you to adjust the give of your machine from soft to hard. With these adjustable features, the Xion S is a great all-around machine that can do anything, including scalp micropigmentation, areola restoration, permanent eyeliner, permanent lips, microblading, and beyond. 

This professional permanent makeup machine is slightly thicker than the other pen machines in this round-up, but it’s still a very lightweight option, weighing in at only 4.7oz. Easily maneuverable, the machine features an ergonomic grip that tapers from 26mm down to 19mm. Its 6W MotorBolt system, the first motor uniquely designed for micropigmentation, is also designed to avoid burnouts. 

The Xion S permanent makeup machine is a high-dollar tool, but its adjustable features and robust design make it well worth the investment. This professional permanent makeup machine is available in Stealth, Grey, or even Special Edition Pink.


Xion Mini 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

Yup, it’s the Xion S… but in miniature! The Xion Mini is Microbeau’s first ultra-compact, pen-style PMU machine… and it’s designed for control and effortless fine-tuning. Being so small, this machine gives you optimal visibility over your work. Additionally, it has an almost entirely vibration-free performance so you can perform procedures in comfort. 

As far as fine-tuning and adjustable features go, the Xion Mini lets you adjust your needle depth mid-procedure just by turning the grip. You can also take advantage of its Bluetooth-enabled features for eGive and voice control. Additionally, for even more efficiency, pair it with a wireless battery pack like the AirBolt Mini and enjoy a cord-free setup. 

Boasting the same ergonomic design of the Xion S, the Xion Mini’s small size also cuts back on hand fatigue. Choose your Xion Mini experience in Gunmetal or Bubblegum.


Flux S 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

The Flux S PMU machine by Microbeau is elegant, lightweight, and balanced. But best of all, it’s totally wireless, so you can enjoy a 100% cord-free permanent makeup setup. Each Flux S machine delivers 12+ hours of battery life, making it perfect for back-to-back PMU sessions… it’ll never get too tired! Moreover, the Flux S is designed for optimal efficiency. For example, you can easily make your voltage adjustments on the PowerBolt battery pack, which also offers a color-coded voltage display. The PowerBolt battery pack is also easily rechargeable with a USB-C cable and comes with a convenient killswitch feature. The killswitch feature lets you shut it off indefinitely, which comes in handy when you’re traveling to your next PMU event or job. 

If the Flux S sounds right for you, shop for it with 1 or 2 PowerBolts. With 2 PowerBolts, you’ll collectively get 24+ hours of battery life… so you’ll essentially never run low! The Flux S also comes in a variety of color options: Stealth (black), Gunmetal (silver), and Bubblegum.

Flux Mini 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

If you prefer your permanent makeup machines bite-sized, the Flux Mini might be for you. While the Flux Mini may be small in size, but it’s certainly big on power. A little sister to the Flux S, the wireless Flux Mini gives you many of  the same great features as its larger counterpart: easy voltage adjustments, a balanced body, and a color-coded voltage display. However, being smaller, the Flux Mini lets you very easily see your work when doing procedures in tightly concentrated areas. That means you can work with more precision and control. 

Flux Mini gives you 5+ hours of battery life per charge and offers a 2.5mm stroke length that’s been optimized for permanent makeup. See how mini can be mighty in 3 color options: Black, Bubblegum, and Champagne Gold.

Peak Elara  

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

Peak’s very first machine designed exclusively for PMU is made for versatility. Thanks to a broad voltage range, Elara can tackle almost anything: lip blush, permanent blush, color correction, permanent eyeliner, and stippling. This is thanks in no small part to its easily adjustable stroke length. Elara comes with three interchangeable cams: 3mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm for a variety of techniques. Additionally, this pen-style PMU machine lets you easily adjust the needle depth by turning the grip. 


Elara is also designed with comfort in mind. Lightweight, slim, and balanced, the pen is easy to maneuver and control. It also has a textured ergonomic grip for a steady hold on your machine. Try out the Peak Elara in Pink, Black, or Rose Gold.   

Lithuanian Irons Stella 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

Designed specifically for permanent makeup, the Lithuanian Irons Stella is adept at microblading, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, lip work, scalp micropigmentation, and beyond. This powerful little permanent makeup pen-style machine features its own unique slider mechanism, which gives it direct-but-gentle hits. That means you get the strokes you need without causing too much damage to sensitive skin. It has a powerful German Faulhaber motor and operates on a voltage range of 8.5v up to 10v for all kinds of permanent makeup procedures. 

The Lithuanian Irons Stella is available in silver on our Web store. This machine also comes pre-lubricated, which saves you the hassle of stocking up on machine lubricant. 

Microbeau Apollo SMP 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 
The Microbeau Apollo SMP is your go-to for scalp micropigmentation. This professional permanent makeup machine is ergonomically designed to perfection, eliminating wrist pain and hand fatigue. It gives you all the angles you need when performing scalp procedures; it’s also forward weighted with an ideal 2.3mm stroke length, which helps you successfully create the look of a close buzz cut or delicate hair line without any blowouts. 

Another great design feature of the Apollo includes its mini DC connector in lieu of a standard RCA input. This makes the Apollo even lighter and offsets the forward weight. With a total weight of only 3.75oz, you can count on comfortable procedures with this SMP pen machine by Microbeau. 

Plus, as with all machines by Microbeau, this little guy has personality. Choose from a wide variety of color options according to your taste: Black, Rose Gold, Gold, or Golden Tiger.

Microbeau Bellar 

 Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines

Some PMU artists call the Microbeau Bellar the most flexible permanent makeup machine on the market. It’s known for being capable of all kinds of permanent makeup procedures, ranging from eyeliner and hair strokes to lip tattooing and even scalp micropigmentation. Given its super lightweight body, weighing in at only 2.9oz, this machine is superb when it comes to subtle detailing. Plus, all of the weigh is center-balanced, which gives you total freedom with your hand movements. Like the Apollo, this permanent beauty makeup machine has a mini DC connector, which contributes to its lightweight design. The Bellar permanent makeup machine also has minimal vibration, so you can enjoy the most comfortable permanent makeup procedures. 

This professional permanent makeup machine has a 2.1mm stroke length for utmost precision and accuracy. It also has adjustable needle depth up to 4mm, which makes it even more versatile. 

As with the Apollo, you can count on vibrant personality with this permanent makeup machine. Choose from a wide variety of color options: Silver, Rose Gold, Black, and Red Bottom.


Kwadron Equaliser Proton 

Our Top 10 Permanent Makeup Machines 

The Kwadron Equaliser Proton pen machine takes headache and fatigue away from permanent makeup procedures. Its advanced gear system ensures a totally vibration-free performance — a dream come true when working in small, concentrated areas like lips and brows! Plus, weighing in at only 4.6 ounces, this pen-style machine is easy to handle; its 1” grip is also lightweight and comfortable to hold. 

This pen-style machine, suitable for both standard tattooing and permanent makeup, has a 3.5mm stroke length and a Mabuchi motor. It operates on a voltage range of 7v up to 11v, a good versatile range for a variety of permanent makeup procedures. It also has an adjustable needle depth all the way up to 4.5mm, allowing you to make feathery strokes or deep, bold ones. 

The Kwadron Equaliser Proton Pen comes in Red, Black, Mocha, Army Green, and Silver. Try it out with Kwadron’s Optima permanent makeup cartridges for the full Kwadron experience. 

Now that you're in the known about the top PMU machines on the market, it’s time upgrade your setup. Find which one PMU machine is best for you by exploring our PMU Machine selection. We’d love to see what you can create with your ideal PMU machine.