When it comes to choosing the best tattoo ink for you, the most subtle details matter. Just the slightest shift in consistency can change your game during a tattoo session. Additionally, some inks either offer exactly the colors you’re looking for, or exactly what you need to mix the colors you’re looking for. Luckily, there are plenty of quality tattoo ink brands on the market… and at least one of them is sure to have what you need.

Whether you’re a professional or an apprentice, use this as your quick-access guide for all the best tattoo ink brands. All these brands are high-quality and formulated with care by experienced tattoo artists.

So, which one is best for you?



Green World Famous Tattoo ink bottles

World Famous Ink offers a massive selection of bright, blendable, and multifunctional tattoo inks.  Founder Lou Rubino, Jr. brings his decades of tattooing expertise to the World Famous Ink formula. Additionally, this brand is the favorite of tattooers all over the world. Moreover, alongside its wide selection of colors, World Famous also offers rich black tattoo inks like Blackout for all your linework and heavy, dark packing. Versatile and ready for any style, World Famous might be the best tattoo ink for you. 



Blue, red, and green Eternal tattoo ink bottles
Artist Terry Welker started tattooing when there were very few inks on the market – so he came up with Eternal Ink, one of the most popular tattoo inks around. This classic tattoo ink brand gives you an ever-expanding palette full of iconic, multi-colored ink options. Some artists consider it the best color tattoo ink based on its broad selection. Further, Eternal Ink is known for giving consistent quality and healed results that last.



Top 7 Tattoo Inks: Your Go-To Guide for Ink Shopping

Founded by Miami-based traditional-style tattooer Federico Ferroni, Solid Ink promises solid healed results… and it delivers. Solid Tattoo Ink gives you one of the most varied selections of color tattoo inks on the market. Each color is carefully formulated to give you the best saturation and brightest healed results. So, color realists and bold traditional artists… step right up. Give it a try, and you might be calling it the best color tattoo ink you’ve ever worked with… you wouldn’t be the first! Additionally, Solid Ink offers white and black options for all your linework and subtle white detailing.



Top 7 Tattoo Inks: Your Go-To Guide for Ink Shopping

Japanese-founded Kuro Sumi inks come in a variety of intense colors as well as pure blacks and whites. Inspired by the rich history of traditional Japanese tattooing, many traditional artists choose Kuro Sumi as their go-to tattoo ink. Many artists favor Kuro Sumi black tattoo inks for the unique dimension they add to tattoos. For example, you can shop for lining and shading black inks with subtle cherry or bronze hues when you choose Kuro Sumi.



Top 7 Tattoo Inks: Your Go-To Guide for Ink Shopping

Artists everywhere have been using Silverback Ink for over fifteen years – and the rich healed results speak volumes. Silverback offers you everything from XXX Black and Clear Solution to every shade of greywash in between. Consequently, you can mix your own Silverback washes, or choose from their quality pre-packaged sets. Additionally, many artists claim Silverback offers some of the darkest black tattoo inks on the market. 



Top 7 Tattoo Inks: Your Go-To Guide for Ink Shopping

Rich and reliable, Allegory Ink gives you an unbeatable tattoo ink duo: Blak and White. Blak is ultra-rich with a butter-like consistency for smooth procedures. When you combine it with Allegory White, you’ll have everything you need for lining, shading, and subtle highlights.



Top 7 Tattoo Inks: Your Go-To Guide for Ink Shopping

Since 1990, Dynamic Ink has won the hearts of tattoo artists everywhere. Black and gray artists and color tattooers alike favor Dynamic black inks as some of the darkest around. In fact, with such dark black options, Dynamic has some of the best outlining tattoo inks you’ll find. Moreover, Dynamic gives you greywashes in every scale as well as everything you need to mix your own graywash ink. But just because Dynamic is known for black tattoo ink doesn’t mean you should overlook their varied color options either. With a consistency that’s easy to work with, Dynamic tattoo ink has every color and quality you need for a smooth tattoo session. 


If you’re thinking about where to buy tattoo ink for your next session, you’re at the right spot. We’re happy to offer all the best tattoo ink brands mentioned above. Exploring our Web store will steer you to individual pigments and specialty sets for any tattooing style. Use this ultimate guide to tattoo ink whenever you’re looking to try something new… or if you’re just starting out and experimenting with every brand you can get your hands on. 

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