We're sure you've heard a lot about COVID-19. In times like these, one thing that helps us is embracing our creativity. Most of the U.S has been asked to stay at home and limit contact with others in an effort to help stop the spread of the COVID-19. It can be a challenge adjusting to social distancing for many reasons, one being it might seem like there isn’t much to do while sitting at home. Here is a list of activities you can enjoy for artists specifically. We're also asking artists to participate in #FlashTheTime - learn more below!

  • Post-time-lapses of your sketches (#FlashTheTime)
  • Sell posters online
  • Give a tour of your shop and talk about the artwork
  • Sell Gift Certificates
  • Virtual tutorials of tattooing
  • Reviews of inks/machines/pigments/products

Even though we’re being asked to physically distance ourselves, we want to do what we can to make us all feel connected as an industry. We mentioned earlier #FlashTheTime 

What is #FlashTheTime?

This is our way of inviting artists from all over the world to share a creative project they are working on or have been working on. We're excited to collaborate with World Famous Tattoo Ink and invite artists to participate. This includes flash art, drawings, paintings, sculptures, or anything art. Tag your post with the hashtag #FlashTheTime and we will share your work from there.

We might be socially distancing - but we’re still all connected. What activity are you doing? Comment below! Cover image by: James Discombe 


Hey, there's more: 

Please do not submit any content that could be considered insensitive or offensive or contains violence, hate, or illegal activity. 

Please do not submit another artist's work without providing the artist's information. 
We will be accepting submissions that fit our company's values and expectations.