One amazing aspect of the tattoo industry is the versatility. We bring together artists with different backgrounds, from different countries with a wide range of styles. With everything going on around us, we're inviting artists to share stories with us.

LetsTalkShop - Staying Connected

Photo by: Mike Marquez

What is #LetsTalkShop?

Let's Talk Shop is about you - the shop owners, the artists, the innovators. From the comfort of your own homes, we invite you to tell your shop stories, share your inspirations and advice during this time. You can post a photo or video and tag us! Don't forget to use the hashtag #LetsTalkShop. We want  to re-post and share your stories. This is our way of bringing together artists from around the world.

More Than Words

Art is an outlet for all. You can send us paintings, drawings, or flash. We're also open to doing interviews with artists. If you're interested in doing an interview with us please fill out our form by clicking here. 

LetsTalkShop - Staying Connected

Photo by:  John Tuesday

A Message From Us

While we're going through this unpredictable time, we hope all of our clients, artists, and their families are doing well. 

Cover image by: ConvertKit

Stay safe, stay strong and we look forward to receiving your submissions.