Vlad Blad Ultron Pen
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen

Vlad Blad Ultron Pen


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This is a dedicated cartridge pen-style tattoo machine, it's lightweight and versatile for all styles of tattooing. 

Vlad Blad has designed the mechanism of the Ultron Pen in such a way that it is returned to its initial position not by the spring, but by the motor itself. This helps prevent the delay in the needle going out of the skin when using cartridges with a soft membrane and allows the artists to work at low speeds, even with cartridges that have a hard membrane.

The Ultron Pen has a stroke length of 3.5 mm., but due to its unique mechanism, the Ultron Pen works with shadows as softly as if it had a 2.7-3.5 mm stroke, while also creating steady outlines as if the stroke length was 3.7-4.2 mm. Powered by a 7-Watt motor, an ergonomic autoclavable grip, and a protected RCA connection.

Thanks to the lightweight of the Ultron Pen and the mechanism inside, it's even easier to feel the skin and control how deep you push the needle in when working.

Compatible with tattoo cartridges and grips from all major brands.

Key Features:

    • Colour: Black
    • Motor: 7 W
    • Stroke: 3.5 mm
    • Ergonomic, autoclavable grip
    • Protected RCA connection
    • Length: 104 mm
    • Width of body: 23.5 mm
    • Width of grip at widest point: 27 mm
    • Weight (without grip): 78.5 g (2.8 oz)
    • Weight with thin grip (basic): 104 g (3.7 oz)
    • Weight with wide grip: 130 g (4.6 oz)

Recommended Working Voltage:

    • Thin Outlines: 7-9V
    • Thick Outlines: 8-10 V
    • Black & Grey: 6.5-9 V
    • Colour Realism: 6.5-9 V
    • Colour Packing: 8.5-10 V
    • Dotwork: 6-7 V
    • Whip Shading: 6-9 V

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