The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 6

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We’re celebrating December with a new blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies where every day we’ll be highlighting a different product that definitely made the nice list this year. It's hard to believe we're halfway through our list, but day 6 is here and the category is grips!

Developed by Tattoo Artists for tattoo artists, True Grips memory foam disposable cover is eco-Friendly, all Disposable, and (you guessed it) made from memory foam for premium comfort. These grip covers provide artists with a softer, larger diameter grip while tattooing, they also help prevent degenerative issues caused by everyday tattooing. Stop wrapping your steel and disposable tubes with paper towels, tape, gauze, or medical tape, and make the switch to True Grips for an incredibly comfortable grip.

The SOBA Comfort Grip is a comfortable grip for the Apple 1st and 2nd generation pencil. The new 2nd generation Apple pencil can be charged and paired by magnetically snapping to the iPad Pro. The solution is the channel that allows the pencil to be charged even with the grip still on it! The channel is wide enough to be compatible with the Apple iPad Pro Smart Cover. (Should you use a different brand of cover, the SOBA Comfort Grip can be easily removed for charging. Easy on, Easy Off!) The streamlined design and sturdiness of our Aluminum RPG cartridge grip now reintroduced as a disposable!
FK IRONS DISPOSABLE RPG 2 CARTRIDGE GRIPS feature an ergonomic design and medical-grade anti-Slip rubber grip. The tested cartridge locking system ensures needles fasten securely in place. Now compatible with 3mm Built-In Drive Bar machines such as Inkjecta, Hawk, and SwashDrive. Individually blister packed and EO Gas Sterilized and to top it off each grip sealed with its own 3mm disposable drive bar and silicone grommet.

The Darklab Gorilla Click Ergo Grip is tapered from 32mm to 39mm for optimal comfort. Along with ergonomics that will give you relief from joint and tendon pain. No need to clamp your fingers or grip with force. The Ratchet Disc click system prevents involuntary turning even with heavy machines and the 3mm center bore is compatible with all built-in drive bar machines.  Multi-tapered to fit effortlessly into the natural groove of your hand. 

BOX OF REVOL DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE GRIPS - ORANGE To provide artists with maximum comfort and shock absorption the Revol disposable Orange cartridge grips are produced using a specially engineered material. The rubber grips are custom molded directly to the stem to prevent them from spinning. These tubes are intended to be used with coil machines and all major rotary brands that don’t require a vice adapter.

PEAK NATRON ALUMINUM ADJUSTABLE CARTRIDGE GRIP - BLACK - 30MMPeak crafts versatile and reliable equipment to cater to any artist’s needs. Made from aircraft aluminum and anodized for added strength,  this grip has a 30mm diameter with a lightweight design. It comes equipped with a silicone, textured cover for durability and an even sturdier grip for a comfortable hold with pen-like precision and is grooved for better traction. It is compatible with all major cartridge systems and the 3mm internal bore works with all drive bar tip styles so that it can be used with the artist’s preferred cartridge needles for nearly any machine.

Which grip are you excited to get your hands on? Comment below! Stop by tomorrow to see what we'll be unwrapping next. 

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